4 September 2014

Overcome SEPA pitfalls with the SEPA Optimizer from Business-Logics

Problems in the processing of payments are not only annoying and time consuming, but in the end often cost money. Even though, many of the problems are avoidable. After all, a number of rules go hand in hand with the SEPA standard, which unify the payment process. Nevertheless, it has been shown that some errors occur again and again despite all standards.

This is especially true for the new international bank account number — IBAN. Often programs are making it too easy for themselves when creating or testing IBANs and do not implement the rules of Deutsche Bundesbank mandatory for Germany. Instead, they process all German IBANs according to the book and only compute the check digit. However, payments with incorrect IBAN will inevitably be rejected by the Bank.

With the SEPA Optimizer from Business-Logics there is now a tool available that can check SEPA files for correct IBANs and correct errors immediately. The program replaces all miscalculated German IBANs in a SEPA file with the correct value according to the relevant rules of the Deutsche Bundesbank. If an IBAN cannot be corrected, for example, because the bank code used is not authorized for payments, the program removes the related invalid payment from the SEPA file and shows the user a message. At the same time the details of the invalid payment are stored formatted in a CSV file, so that the errors in the master data of the involved systems can be corrected.

Optionally the software checks German BICs (Business Identifier Code) and corrects them if necessary or removes the transaction from the payment file in case of values that cannot be corrected. Furthermore, it is possible to create so-called IBAN-only files. From SEPA version 2.7 specifying the BIC is optional and the specification of the BIC occasionally leads to problems, which this way can be avoided smartly.

Additionally the SEPA Optimizer validates the fields for control totals and the number of transactions and corrects wrong values if necessary.

Another reason for the rejection of payments is often the due date for direct debits or the execution date for credits. If it often happens that there are past dates in payment files already, matters are getting worse for these fields, because the requirements vary depending on the order type and a bank. The SEPA Optimizer also gets around this difficulty smoothly. By specifying a parameter the earliest execution date of single payments can be specified. Only payments with dates before the specified point in time will be corrected accordingly.

The SEPA Optimizer is available as a Java command line program and can be integrated in any enterprise process by a simple invocation:
java -jar sepaoptimizer.jar sepa-in.xml sepa-out.xml
The only requirement is a Java Runtime Environment of version 6.0 or higher.

The SEPA optimizer is constantly updated as part of the maintenance contract. This includes software updates with new IBAN rules and the changed bank code file of the Bundesbank.

The program can be ordered directly from Business-Logics.

An evaluation version is available upon request from the manufacturer.