21 November 2014

Installation program for easy setup of BL Banking Server

Banking servers are not really known for their simplicity. Despite extensive documentation the installation alone presents various problems to some administrators. The banking server of Business-Logics shows that there is another way, because it comes with an installation program.

Banks with a manageable number of customers frequently ask themselves, whether their own IT department should operate a banking server. Above all, they are afraid of the supposedly high initial cost for the realization of such a project. Especially the technical effort is often largely overestimated.

With the installation program, now available for the Banking Server from Business-Logics, it is time to dispel this misconception. This program takes care of almost every detail of the installation:

  • Providing an application server, including Java
  • Connection to an existing database or alternatively providing an internal database
  • Registration of the banking server as a system service
  • Setting of system parameters, such as the storage directory for files
  • Importing the banking server software to the application server, as initial installation or as an update
  • Setup of the connecting to the email server

Also for the creation of a trial version, the program is very well equipped and, for example, can even set up an SSL certificate for the server.

After the installation you can immediately start testing the system. Using the intuitive administration of the Banking Server you can set up the bank access, a first customer and user, and an account. Then you can initialize with a standard EBICS client and submit your first SEPA payment.

Usually, for further tests master data are needed, which of course, do not need to be entered manually. This cumbersome and error-prone work is best done by the master data import interface of the BL Banking Server. The master data are provided as easy-to-generate XML files, and then read by the Banking Server. Incidentally, the master data interface also serves to transfer changes in the master data permanently and totally automated to the Banking Server. This avoids errors and also relieves the employees from these tasks.

Of course there are many other aspects to be considered regarding the "project banking server". Whether it is the connection to existing systems, the configuration of processing steps or the implementation of bank-specific features — our experts find the right solution.

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