26 January 2015

Automated payment processes with the EBICS products from Business-Logics

The BL Transfertool and the BL Transfersystem come into operation when complicated but sensitive file transfers with banks shall be automated. For many years, the two programs do these routine tasks in companies of all sizes and thus ensure a smooth flow of payment processes.

The problem

Still today, in the area of accounting the flow of many business processes looks like in those days of paper-based payments: Though payment files usually are generated by ERP or accounting systems, for the transfer of these files to the bank a suitable interface is missing.

The same problem arises in the opposite direction: How do the company's accounting systems find out if a payment was processed or rejected on the bank side? Although the information is contained in the files provided by the bank, but also here the interface for retrieval and automatic transfer into their own systems is missing.

As a result, the transfers to the bank as well as the retrieval and analysis of account statements and protocol files are carried out manually. This work is not only extremely labor intensive, but also tremendously error-prone. In addition, many companies quite rightly regard manual interactions in the payment process as a security risk.

Closing the gap

The BL Transfertool and the BL Transfersystem close this sensitive gap and work reliably in the background. Both programs support the communication via EBICS with all banks, in all versions and countries, thus providing the base for secure file exchange with the banks.

The proper solution for any requirement

Whether the command line program BL Transfertool or the client-server system BL Transfersystem with administration interface comes into operation depends entirely on the needs of each company.

You are well advised to opt for the BL Transfertool if the exchange of files between the company and the bank is the main focus. Also useful are the integrated utilities, e.g. for generating SEPA files from the CSV format or splitting account statements.

If additional functions are required, such as the automatic analysis of log files, the direct control by the ERP system or the feedback of events about payments to the accounting system, the BL Transfersystem is the first choice.

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