18 March 2015

Retrieve account statements and other files automatically with BL e‑Statement

Gone are the days when account statements in paper form are dumped in ring binders. In modern companies, account statements are an integral part of the accounting systems. In order to import them, there is BL e‑Statement. However, BL e‑Statement allows the retrieval of all files via EBICS and thus offers a lot more possibilities for enterprises.

Account statements and more

Small program, big results. The simplicity, but also the usefulness of BL e‑Statement is hard to beat. It provides not only account statements and transaction information to the systems in the enterprise, but also all kind of files, which are available at the bank. Hence, it is possible to retrieve protocol files for example, regularly and automatically from the bank.


BL e‑Statement is available for all common operating systems and can be obtained directly from Business-Logics.

A fully functional evaluation version is available upon request.