18 May 2015

TÜV Rheinland certifies BL Banking for iOS as secure mobile application

Better safe than sorry. That's why the BL Banking app for iPhone and iPad now comes with TÜV seal for tested safety.

The mobile application to go

BL Banking for iOS allows the use of the "Electronic Distributed Signature" (EDS) via EBICS wherever the phone has an Internet connection. In addition, the application provides access to account information. Thus, it is a useful application for all signatories, who travel a lot and rarely stay in the office.

Highest security as a mandatory requirement

While networks and Internet connections are well protected in companies, mobile applications of employees on their devices, in contrast, can hardly be controlled. Not least for this reason, electronic banking applications for smartphones and tablets must satisfy highest security standards.

Signed and sealed, TÜV Rheinland now certifies the mobile application BL Banking for iOS the fulfillment of the special security requirements according to the current state of the art.

Hence, in the field of corporate banking this application represents an increase in flexibility and security. This is on the one hand owing to the intuitive and modern user interface of the app and on the other hand the TÜV seal as the best reference in terms of security.


For users of the desktop version of BL Banking the mobile application is free of charge and can be obtained from the App Store. After installing the mobile application on the smartphone, the data transfer can be achieved easily and securely from BL Banking via the synchronization feature.

To test the app, the free demo of the desktop version of BL Banking can be used, which is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. After completing the initialization against the test environment of Business-Logics and installing the app, the synchronization is done the same way from BL Banking as with the productive version.