27 May 2016

BL Banking connects global customers using EBICS

The EBICS client from Business-Logics has exceeded the 5,000 installation mark. Wide-ranging use is underlined by the various installation variants worldwide.

All EBICS dialects covered

The German program versions BL Banking and BL Banking EDS as well as BL Banking/FR for the French CFONB standard contribute to the high number of installations.

Sales through the banks or directly by the manufacturer

Business-Logics sells the program both directly and through ever increasing numbers of banks who offer the EBICS client as part of their services. These include in particular internationally active partner banks who value amongst other things the fact that the program is multilingual.

All variants of the software are sold

The software is mostly used on Windows systems whereby the single workstation and network installations are used to a similar extent.

Even if user numbers for macOS are far below those for Windows, Apple’s brand has seen a strong increase recently.

There is also a small but refined group of users for the EBICS client under Linux and even various operating systems via USB stick access.

The app is also growing in popularity. The vast majority of users uses the software on iOS devices. Since the completely revised Version 2.0 for Android however, the number of users for this version has also increased constantly.

Global use

Apparently an image is worth a thousand words. But it must be stated that the map of the global installations is of course restricted only to the local program variants. BL Banking users with USB sticks, laptops or mobile devices are not limited to any national borders.