29 September 2016

Statistics module for EBICS servers from Business-Logics provides performance insights

Both BL Banking Server and BL Clearing Server provide a statistics module to give system administrators an easy to use tool for viewing performance details.

Modern production liability per monitoring and performance analysis

Today's state-of-the-art operation of primary systems include comprehensive monitoring. After all, production problems in those sensible parts of the IT infrastructure have to be detected and eliminated as fast as possible.

Whereas test and monitoring systems for EBICS servers check for correct functioning and general availability, performance details only become visible by using sophisticated diagnosis tools.

Unless the EBICS server itself provides insight into performance details.

BL Banking Server integration

The statistics module of the BL Banking Server — the banking system to provide EBICS services for corporate customers — provides comfortable access to all core performance data:

  • Number of EBICS requests
  • Number requests by system administrators
  • Number and size of customer files for uploads and downloads
  • Processing times for customer data inclusive response times of EBICS requests and administrative access, duration of EBICS data decryption plus processing times for EBICS orders.

Key performance indicators also for clearing

Performance details are also available in the BL Clearing Server — the EBICS server specially adapted to the clearing with Deutsche Bundesbank, EBA CLEARING and all other clearing houses. The statistics module provides access to all core performance details of file transfer and processing as part of the interbank electronic payment.


Business-Logics is convinced of the importance of this new module and provides it free of charge for all standard maintenance customers using their EBICS servers.