BL CAMT-DTI Converter

Actually, all processes should have been converted to the new camt.054 format.


However, if only one component still needs the DTI format, the converter helps.


From camt.054 files of the order type C54, the BL CAMT-DTI Converter generates the equivalent DTI files in the DTAUS0 format (payment batched transaction order in disk format, ASCII, unpacked). The conversion of the files is carried out according to the specification for SEPA credits and direct debits of the German Bundesbank. As input files, the program accepts the ZIP containers with one or more XML files delivered by the banks.

The functions at a glance

  • Conversion of IBAN to account number and bank code
  • Transfer of the numeric reference
  • Conversion of the error or return codes
  • Generation of the text keys for the intended purpose, <Purp><Cd>
  • Inclusion of C54 fields without DTI equivalent in the intended purpose

System integration

Thanks to the platform-independent implementation in Java, the program runs on Windows, Linux as well as macOS.

By running from the command line, by cronjob/scheduler, via script or from other programs, the software is ready to use for all business processes.

The only prerequisite for the converter is a Java runtime environment, which is available for all platforms. Thanks to the easy installation of the program, it can be integrated into any system environment.


The BL CAMT-DTI Converter is offered at a price of 2,500 EUR (net).

To order, please complete the order form and send it by email, post or fax to the address or fax number shown on the form.