BL Format Checker

Your payment has been rejected by the bank!

In some areas it is enough if something is nearly right. But payment formats is not one of them.

If you not only want to rely on, but be sure that your payment files are valid, the BL Format Checker is your first choice.

In addition to the common SEPA files, the program also reliably validates all other common payment formats.

Reliability only with complete checks

The devil is often in the detail. This applies in particular to files for electronic payments. Even a single wrong character may result in the file being rejected.

The current SEPA formats in particular have a big advantage compared with unfashionable file formats: Their structure can be checked very easily with the aid of XML schema files.

But in addition to these requirements for the structure, the format standards are also comprised of further checking rules. These usually exist as rather long descriptions in classical prose and must be complied with when creating the file.

Many software companies make their work easy here and ignore the additional checking rules.

Banking servers do not do this. Therefore there is only one type of reliable check for payment files — the complete one.

Securely validate SEPA and other standard formats

It goes without saying that the software can handle all XML formats for payments via SEPA according to the Requirements as per "The German Banking Industry Committee". It also includes the formats for foreign payments and MT101 and MT103 SWIFT payments.

The check log contains all notifications including the row and column number, in addition to information on the file format and an overall check status.

The standard checks include the formats

  • SEPA XML formats as per specifications of "The German Banking Industry Committee" for all versions since version 2.3: CDC, CCC, CCM, CCT, CDM, CDD, CD1, C1C, C2C, CDB, CCU, CIP
  • SCT INST real-time payments, CIP
  • Foreign payments according to ISO 20022, AXZ
  • Container payments since DK SEPA version 3.6, CCC
  • DTAZV international payments in diskette format, AZV
  • SWIFT-MT101, RFT
  • SWIFT-MT103 (Single Customer Credit Transfer)

Checks for SRZ, clearing, ISO-XML and proprietary formats

With the optional additional modules for data processing centres (DPC/SRZ), clearing or the international SEPA formats under ISO 20022, the program covers these special areas.

Using a plug-in mechanism, any other format checks can also be integrated.

  • SCC formats, CK7, CK8, CX7, CX8
  • Clearing with EBA CLEARING and Deutsche Bundesbank, SCT/ICF, SDD/IDF, SFG-Container
  • ISO-XML CGI/ISO 20022 formats

Full flexibility for each use case on all systems

The program also supports, in addition to operation via the graphical user interface, integration into your business processes for automated checking. The program is also available as a modern web application.

The program can be integrated in any system environment independently of its use type. For operation on Windows, Linux and macOS, only a Java run-time environment is required.

Order BL Format Checker

The desktop application of the BL Format Checker can be purchased directly from Business-Logics for the price of EUR 2,000 (net). Software maintenance including telephone and email support and all program updates is available at a price of EUR 300 (net).

To order, please complete the order form and send it by email, post or fax to the address or fax number shown on the form.