BL Load Test System

Become familiar with the actual performance of your EBICS system.

In spite of strong variations in the system load, the times when a failure was expected on a daily basis due to imprecise forecasts are long gone.

Whether for clearing, corporate banking, or SCT Inst real-time transfers — it has never been easier to find the limits of the whole system.

Remove the bottleneck before the production problem occurs

If at peak times the system's reserves are fully utilised, any planning is too late. So it is vital to optimise the bank system in advance, such that no failures can occur due to bottlenecks. This requires tests that put the bank system as a whole under real conditions.

With the BL Load Test System you can push all involved systems to their limits using freely configurable loads. The generated load — just like in real life — is 100% made up of EBICS requests.

Clarity using real test conditions

If a test is not reliably meaningful, there is no need to test at all. Because where is the benefit if the system fails in real operation, even though the load test has certified a significantly higher performance?

The only solution is to select the test load exactly as it would occur under extreme conditions in real operation. This not only creates the necessary meaningfulness but also includes all parts of the bank system in the test.

Functionality for standard cases and proprietary tests

In addition to the standard EBICS requests, the system also offers the option of institute-specific load generation.

Through the availability of the pre-configured tests, the system allows you to directly start generating standard EBICS loads. The standard tests enable both parallel transfers from several customers and the use of waiting periods or any number of signatures. Mass tests are in particular supported by generating load data, e.g. for SEPA credits or direct debits.

Institute-specific requirements can be integrated easily into the systems via the flexible plug-in mechanism.

Easy integration in any system environment

The Load Test System offers full flexibility both in terms of the system environment and for integration into your processes.

The technical requirements for the system are minimal. Operation is possible both on your own server and on a standard PC. Prerequisites are only an adequately fast Internet connection and a current Java runtime environment.

In addition to the graphical user interface, there is a command line interface for integration into the automated test processes.

The Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

Stress tests for SCT Inst transfers

The specification for SEPA real-time transfers defines hard limits for the transaction times of SCT Inst systems: within ten seconds the transfer has to be credited to the payees account — also at periods of peak loads.

Therefore, in contrast to file-based EBICS, all parts of real-time systems need to adhere to those tight transaction limits. Basis for the dimensioning of the entire infrastructure are reliable stress tests at the application layer, including all systems involved in the transactions.

To accomplish this, the system load has to be generated exactly the way as will be done in production. For the part that is receiving the credit transfers from the clearing system, this has to be a true SCT Inst EBICS request.

The BL Load Test System supports the full spectrum of real-time EBICS. All deviations from standard file-based EBICS are considered automatically. Making the configuration for SCT Inst is as simple as setting a single parameter.

Further information

We offer all interested parties the opportunity to be convinced of the performance of the system using a test installation.

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