BL Format Parser

You are sure to have heard of the KISS principle:

Keep it small and simple!

The important rule for constructing components was implemented consistently for our parsers. They do exactly what they should — no more or less. And all at highest performance.

That is why we also use our parsers wherever precise correctness is important at high performance: in our products!

Our platform-independent implementations for all systems

Thanks to platform-independent implementation in Java, all parsers can run under Windows, Linux and macOS.

Implementations are availble for the SEPA formats of The German Banking Industry Committee as well as for the XML formats according to ISO 20022.

In addition to many country-specific payment formats such as DTAZV, DTAUS, PTK and HAC, our parsers also support various SWIFT formats including MT101, MT940 and MT942.

Information on our parsers

Please call us and speak directly to one of our experts about your specific requirements.

You can reach us by phone on +49 2103 33993-30 or by email at .

We are happy to advise you!