BL SEPA Optimizer

Everything is better with SEPA! Really?

If the bank still rejects your payments or manual changes to payments are made regularly, it’s time for the SEPA Optimizer.

A standard alone is no guarantee for error-free processing. This applies in particular to SEPA payments. With the BL SEPA Optimizer, problems with SEPA files are a thing of the past.

IBAN check

All German IBANs can be calculated by a simple process from the existing, national account number and sort code! Really, all? No, a small number of special rules put up fierce resistance ...

In fact, the whole set of procedures is defined by the so-called IBAN rules issued by the Deutsche Bundesbank. This not only clarifies that some banks have their own calculation and validation rules, but also that they change the processes significantly more than is ideal for some users. Because files with just one incorrect IBAN are consistently rejected by the bank systems.

The only thing that remains is to check the files by every trick in the book.

In addition to checking SEPA files, the software also enables payments to be corrected automatically. If an IBAN correction cannot be implemented automatically, the payment is removed from the SEPA file whilst stating an appropriate message. At the same time the details of the invalid payment are stored formatted in a CSV file so that all errors in the master data can be corrected subsequently in the involved systems.

The BL SEPA Optimizer is updated continuously to the current IBAN rules per maintenance contract.

BIC adaptation

Correct BIC? Or even better, none at all?

The SEPA Optimizer can also correct German BICs. Payments with BICs, for which there is no correction option, are removed from the SEPA file just like IBANs and an appropriate message is issued; they are then noted in the CSV log file.

It is also possible to create so-called IBAN-only files: From SEPA Version 2.7 stating the BIC is optional and filling the BIC occasionally results in problems that this way can be elegantly avoided.

Due date and execution deadline

Created today and no longer valid from as early as next week

A frequent rejection reason for payment files is the due date for direct debits or the execution date for credits. If the payment files frequently contain dates that are in the past, what makes these errors more difficult is that the requirements vary depending on the order type and bank.

This problem can also be easily resolved with the software. The earliest execution date for payments can be set using parameters. The software then corrects all of the individual transactions where the date is before the stated time.

Calculation of control totals

If metadata lead to rejection, only one thing can help: Trust is good, checking is better!

The program checks and also corrects the SEPA fields for the sum of the amounts and number of transactions. Of course, even if individual payments are removed from the payment file due to invalid IBANS or BICs.

Integration in any system environment

The program runs under Windows, Linux and macOS and can be integrated into any system environment thanks to the simple installation.

By calling up the command line, using cron job/scheduler, via script or from other programs, the software is ideal for integrating into the company’s business processes.


The BL SEPA Optimizer can be purchased directly from Business-Logics for the price of EUR 1,600 (net).

The annual maintenance including ongoing adaptation to Deutsche Bank IBAN rules costs EUR 240 (net).

To order, please complete the order form and send it by email, post or fax to the address or fax number shown on the form.

A demo version is available on request.