BL Transfer Tool

This is how easy automated payments via EBICS are today

Small program, big effect! With the Transfer Tool you succeed in integrating all EBICS functions into your corporate processes. The software can handle the complete range of EBICS functions.

All this in any system environment!


In spite of its easy call up, the program offers everything required for the automation

  • Support for the established EBICS protocol for companies
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Collecting and sending files
  • Sending signatures for EDS
  • Functions for key management
  • Generating accompanying tickets

Easy system integration

The software is available for all common operating systems and can be integrated into any system environment.

  • Runs under Windows, Linux/Unix and macOS
  • Easy installation
  • Execution by command line, cron job/scheduler, via script, other programs or use of AutoTransfer
  • Inclusive graphical user interface in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Link possible to company’s auditing systems using log API

French and Swiss EBICS

In addition to the German EBICS dialect, the program can also handle the standards for France and Switzerland

Converter tools

Tools to convert payment files including

  • CSV to SEPA Converter
  • Statement converter
  • MT940 splitter

Simple automation via AutoTransfer

The software is available including the AutoTransfer extension

The additional program is installed as a service on the target computer and thus enables particularly simple definition of automation tasks for

  • retrieving any files,
  • monitoring directories and sending picked up files to the bank
  • signing orders in accordance with your own EDS rules.

Order BL Transfer Tool

The BL Transfer Tool can be purchased directly from Business-Logics for the price of EUR 4,900 (net)

To order, please complete the order form and send it by post or fax to the address or fax number shown on the form.