20 December 2018

Test system for Europe-wide clearing in real time via EBICS and RT1

Since the introduction of RT1, the platform of EBA CLEARING, credit institutions are able to carry out clearing throughout Europe in real time via EBICS.

With the BL Real-Time Test System, a software for simulating the clearing platform is now available.

The RT1 simulation for Instant Payments works completely transparently and allows both load and function tests.

Bank internal test environments for real-time clearing

The connection of credit institutions to the real-time interface RT1 of EBA CLEARING requires suitable test facilities.

Although test accesses for RT1 clearing exist, the use of a decoupled bank-internal test environment has various advantages. On the one hand all tests can be carried out completely independently, on the other hand the simulation of the Instant Payment interface offers freely defined test cases as well as own possibilities for load generation.

The BL Real-Time Test System as simulation of the RT1 platform supports the generation of almost any incoming load with its active component. In addition, the passive component can be used to map your own functional test scenarios.

Easy to install and use

Both components of the test system can be integrated easily into any environment. The banking systems are connected via standard interfaces.

Test cases are created using message templates. This allows to easily define the functional tests without having to pay attention to the technical details of the Instant Payment messages.

The program is available in English and German for all common operating systems. Operation in virtual environments is possible without any problems.