30 September 2020

Simple process optimizing in payment transactions with the BL Transfertool

The new version of the EBICS software has been extended by the program AutoTransfer. It is now even easier to automate processes in electronic payment transactions.

Task scheduling directly in the program

The BL Transfertool, which was originally developed for externally controlled batch operation, contains an extension for task scheduling in its current version.

This allows to plan and execute automation directly without any external control.

Automatic retrieval of files

With the help of fetch schedules, any files can be retrieved from all EBICS banks.

Various options are available for the execution time:

  • at fixed times,
  • as repeated execution within a time interval or
  • after receiving real-time notifications from the Bank.

Send directories

If payment files from ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Sage shall be automatically transferred to the respective bank, all that needs to be done in AutoTransfer is to define a suitable send directory.

In the settings, it is also specified, which files shall be picked up, the order type that is used for the transfer and the type of signature.

The function is ideal for automatically providing payment orders via Electronic Distributed Signature to all authorized signatories.

Automatic signatures

For certain payment orders, manual intervention is often not necessary. This includes, for example, payments for firmly defined recipient accounts or orders that do not exceed a certain amount.

In AutoTransfer, rules can be defined for such types of orders and suitable orders can be executed automatically.

For orders that are not signed due to the specified rules, it is possible to send a corresponding e-mail.


As usual, the update of the BL Transfertool including AutoTransfer is available to all customers free of charge as part of the software maintenance.