29 November 2021

EBICS 3.0 mandatory for all German credit institutions

The time has come: The new version of the electronic banking standard is in use throughout Germany.

Preparations since 2017

Several years passed since the presentation of the new version in spring 2017 and its introduction in Germany. Since November 22, 2021, all German credit institutions are obliged to offer their customers EBICS version 3.0.1.

Far-reaching technical changes

The new version of the standard entails various changes, some of them complex, especially under the hood. These include, for example, the replacement of bank-specific order types by BTFs, various aspects regarding the keys to be used, the use of a uniform protocol in all countries, or the use of a new signature marking.

Low impact on daily payment transactions

For users, on the other hand, the impact should be as minimal as possible. After all, a credit transfer should continue to be handled like a credit transfer, and signatures should be provided as before.

With this approach the protocol could be updated to the current state of the art without any negative consequences for the companies.

In addition, the merging of the hitherto different EBICS dialects for Germany, France and Switzerland opens up enormous future prospects not only for manufacturers and users, but also for the European financial center as a whole.