25 October 2012

Validation of SEPA files in enterprises with BL Format Check

The new version of the program considers in different editions the diverse requirements in enterprises

In many companies the transition of payment transactions to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a hot topic. By 2014 the national payment formats will ultimately be replaced by SEPA. Wherever internal systems generate payment files, there is an ongoing effort for migration and testing. To be sure that self-generated files are recognized and processed properly by the banks right from the start, in Germany the files need to conform with the data formats specified by the The German Banking Industry Committee.

BL Format Check tests structure and content of the payment files according to the data formats for EBICS specified by the "The German Banking Industry Committee" up to EBICS 2.5. This includes besides the SEPA formats also the common national and international formats. As a result, the system responds within seconds with a meaningful test protocol. In case of errors the protocol contains a detailed description as well as information about the position for each message in the original file. Additionally the errors are highlighted by colored marks in the file view.

BL Format Check for enterprises is available in three editions: as web application – either hosted or installed on the company’s intranet, and as desktop application.

For each checked file, the web application generates an individual file ID. With this file ID, the file and test protocol can be displayed again for being discussed with colleagues, for instance. Using the hosted web application, the company could even invite the software producer to visit the test result of a failed file. If the files to be checked may not leave the company, the web application can be operated within the company’s intranet.

The product is also available as a proven desktop version. Here, all file checks take place locally on the user’s computer.

BL Format Check is a vital tool for companies establishing SEPA. It facilitates a quick and independent analysis of self-generated payment files.

The program is available in German and English. An evaluation version and further information can be obtained from Business-Logics.