29 April 2013

BL Transfertool generates DTAUS and SEPA files

From now on the tool for automating payment processes includes a generator for DTAUS and SEPA files. A simple CSV file serves as the data source

The new version of the BL Transfertool was extended by a new feature and now additionally supports generating payment files beside sending and receiving files via EBICS, FTAM, or BCS-FTP.

Supported are tranfers and debits, both in the German DTAUS format, as well as the new SEPA format. The data needed to produce the payment files are provided by a CSV file with one row for each payment.

For SEPA files all relevant fields are supported, such as originator, payee, amount, intended purpose, and execution date, as well as optional information like ultimate payment recipient or reference. Besides this, the converter can handle the difference between CORE and B2B for SEPA debit files.

As expected, invoking the converter is very simple. For example a SEPA transfer file in the format pain.001.001.02 can be generated with the following command:

java -cp bltransfer.jar de.businesslogics.format.sepa.CSVConverter input.csv payment.cct

As before, the subsequent sending of the file is handled by a command of the Transfertool, like:

java -jar bltransfer --send ABCBank CCT payment.cct