28 February 2017

CAMT-DTI converter for the maintenance of the processes

With the end of DTI batched booking files as of November 2017, existing payment processing procedures have to be converted to the new camt.054 format.

Unless users can create their DTI files themselves.

C54 replaces DTI

Credit institutions have traditionally provided batched transaction files in DTAUS format via order type DTI. As of November 2017, the German Bundesbank and other banks will deliver batched transaction files only in the new camt.054 format via order type C54.

Each area in the payment system must have been converted until then, otherwise the business processes inevitably come to a standstill. Then, the interim solution means generating the required DTI files in your own company. With the CAMT-DTI converter from Business-Logics this additional step can be integrated easily into the own processes.


The BL CAMT-DTI Converter accepts the C54 file, which is regularly retrieved from the credit institutions, as input file and generates a corresponding DTI file. By invoking through the command line interface, the program can be easily integrated into all processes, e.g. in scripts or the invoking from other programs.

The software is available as a platform-independent implementation for Windows, Linux and macOS and is distributed directly by the manufacturer.