BL Banking

The EBICS client that your customers will love.

And so will your support department!

The formula is clear: Even complicated things must be easy to use.

What your customers need is what they expect. This means in particular that all of the functions should be usable intuitively.

And when your customers are completing their work your support can relax.


The best functions are no good if you don't know how to use them. BL Banking is characterised by

  • Easy, understandable and user-guided installation
  • Automatic updates
  • Appropriate default settings
  • Comprehensive customisation options for the user
  • Comprehensive online manual


BL Banking offers everything you need for day-to-day work and corporate electronic payments:

  • Support of all EBICS versions, inclusive 3.0
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Electronic Distributed Signatures
  • Wizards to complete tasks in several steps
  • Record and transfer payments (SEPA, domestic, international, ISO-20022, express, MT101, Swiss and Austrian formats)
  • Collect and view account statements and advices in the formats MT940/MT942 and camt.053/camt.052


There is no such thing as a “standard company”. This means on the other hand that the software must be so flexible that it fits everywhere:

  • Runs under Windows, Linux and macOS, including from a USB stick
  • Installation as a single or multiple user system
  • Operation possible in terminal server
  • Individual language setting per user (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Optional key storage on interchangeable media
  • Use of the integrated database or the company's own instance (MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL)


Compromises when it comes to “security” quickly become an own goal in electronic payments.

  • Password-protected access
  • Use of signature cards or encrypted storage for EBICS keys
  • Configurable two-factor authentication per user (2FA)
  • Option for encrypted file storage
  • Option for operation in administrator and user mode for protected settings

Licence management

A modern product requires modern licence management. It enables all tasks around the licence to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Licence management is via the licence server. This sets the number and durations of the customer licences on the one hand. On the other, the EBICS access for each licence can be pre-configured such that the participant only has to state the licence code on initialisation.

The licence server is also responsible for providing the access information to the customers. Licence creation and use of the program on the customer side is therefore possible within a few minutes.


Do you want your customers to have the right recognition effect? No problem, BL Banking/FR also exists in your corporate design and with all of the functions that are important to you.

The program can be coloured and designed exactly as you wish.

The clean module concept of the software also enables wide-ranging functional changes. So additional individual functions can be added or system parameters adapted to the bank’s requirements.

BL Banking as a mobile app

Keeping step with development these days means being mobile. With the mobile apps you give your customer everything they need.

Your customers can use the BL Banking for iOS and BL Banking for Android apps flexibly. This works both in connection with the desktop version and as a mobile standalone program.

Help for BL Banking

BL Banking has comprehensive documentation

Direct to on­line help
intro­duction to EBICS
Quick guides


For first-time and advanced users, we offer perfectly tailored BL Banking trainings in small groups. For the location we comply with the needs of our customers: all training courses are offered at our location in Hilden as well as at the customer site.

BL Banking for your customers

We offer the program to credit institutions in various license packages.

See for yourself! We are happy to provide a free demo version.

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